• Consulting

    Advising business clients, research suppliers, media agencies and others on how to improve your business strategy, maximize return on investment and grow your business. This is where our deep understanding of the Canadian consumer, extensive and broad market research experience and longstanding collaboration with marketers and sales teams within the leading CPG and food companies makes a difference.

  • Research Coaching

    Our coaching services range from teaching the basics of market research to consulting on how to take your research data further, make results presentation more impactful, tease out key recommendations better. If you are a research supplier, our best-practice-based approach will truly delight your clients.

  • Research Recommendations

    Actionable, creative, data-based recommendations which answer your business questions is our trade mark and is always part of the deliverables, regardless of the research approach

  • Conducting Research

  • Advertising Research

    Whether you need to optimize a TV creative or an on-line advertising communication, we can provide valuable advice. Our broad experience in this area spans different brands, various media and research methodologies. Whether your challenge is to optimize the new TV creative or adapt an existing US or European creative for the Canadian marketplace, we offer actionable recommendations based on a deep understanding of the Canadian consumer.

  • Quantitative

    We are fully versed in all facets of quantitative market research, from optimal research design and questionnaire development to writing a comprehensive yet concise summary with key findings and impactful recommendations, followed by a dynamic presentation. You will love our recommendations and concise summaries.
    If data modeling is needed to answer the business question, predictive modeling, factor analysis, brand mapping and other techniques are available.

  • Qualitative

    We partner with exceptionally strong qualitative researchers. Whether you need ethnography research, in-store research or in-depth one-on-ones or focus groups, our highly skilled moderators will reveal the deepest consumer insights effortlessly and will impress you with their recommendations.

  • On-line research

    For all on-line research we rely on an established Canadian national panel of 300,000 consumers with excellent Quebec representation. This panel is scrupulously maintained and its response rate is unmatched in the industry. The panel provider also has a unique webcam capability that allows you to see how a few of your consumers react to the new idea, product or packaging at home. This is a free add-on to any Quantitative on-line test.

  • Mall intercepts for face-to-face research

    This time-tested approach is making a come-back. Is testing a new idea(s)/ evaluating a new package design/ placing a product for home use more insightful in-person? Your quantitative study can be placed via a mall intercept across Canada to deliver nationally representative learnings reliably and quickly.

"Tanya was instrumental in helping me build my analytical and research skills, I considered her a business partner as well as a mentor. Tanya's expertise allowed us to improve the clarity, actionability and delivery of several complex analyses."

Brian Hyland, Client Service Manager, Nielsen Advertiser Solutions.

"As an external market research consultant, Tanya helped define customer targets for our retail home improvement business, leveraging external data from PMB and Stats Canada to find a creative solution for a size of prize analysis. Not only did Tanya bring her extensive industry background in customer segmentation to drive our qualitative/psycho-graphic understanding, but she also pushed us to make sure we were basing our quantitative decisions on real, solid data. She delivered a product that was beyond my expectations and has significantly impacted our marketing planning. I look forward to working with Tanya again."

Catherine Metrycki, Marketing, B.A. Rosinson Co. Ltd.